Why to choose "Heritage" Creepers with the Goodyear system, built to last.

Double welt Goodyear assembly method, is the most laborious, perfected and luxurious available method for the making of a shoe. At first, these shoes can be a bit stiff, but after the necessary adaptation through the use, they become the most comfortable shoes that you can use. Goodyear shoes are very comfortable, durable, waterproof and bending resistant. With this method, risk of splitting between the sole and the body of the shoe is almost entirely avoided. Once the sole is really worn it can be replaced by a new one.  Plus, the high quality of materials, especially leathers that we use in our Heritage range, will guarantee a pair of shoes that will last for generations.

What it is and how these exceptional qualities are achieved?

"GoodYear Welt” method involves an inner and outer stitching, That is why we say it is a system of "double seam". This laborious process welds the leather to the base and gives the shoe its exceptional qualities of strength and durability. The inner stitching process is technically known as welding, and is responsible for powerfully attaching upper leather to both the insole and the veer. The outer stitching definitely set the welt to the sole. That i how proverbial durability is achieved by Goodyear Welding.

We reveal the secret of true comfort


Between the two parts in which the shoe is divided, crushed natural cork is applied mixed with a binder. This forms an interlayer that will be moulded by pressure and heat of the foot. Day by day, these shoes merge with its owner’s steps and footprints, resulting in a unique experience of quality and comfort. Add to this the natural properties of cork as a thermal insulator and breathable material, to find out that this is also a really healthy footwear.

Cross section of a Goodyear model for a better understanding of this unique method of production.

Customized to suit the client: we create exclusive and unique models through an artisan craft process


Through our online customization tool, customers choose model, size, materials and colours for their Custom Creepers of the Heritage Series.

Once the order is received, one of our craftsmen is responsible for selecting the highest quality leathers, assessing its aesthetic qualities and its optimal mechanical performance. The leathers are studied in minute detail to strategically locate each cut in order to obtain the best results during the shoe stretching process. The pattern maker cuts by hand and with absolute precision pieces of leather, as well as the pieces that form the lining. Dyeing operations are done by hand with environment friendly water-based products, respecting nature and according to European standards. This exclusive Pinsoup process lasts several days, we look forward the slow migration of pigments into the upper layers of leather. The dyed pieces undergo slow drying, in darkness, which guarantees flexibility and delicate shades of color. Then it goes to the process known as Aparado, where another craftsman sew the pieces and lining. From that moment, more than two hundred additional operations intervene in the creation of a Goodyear shoe. A long and delicate process, the results speak for themselves when customers receive their exquisitely executed pair, according to their wishes.

Custom shoes and Creepers, with the double guarantee of Pinsoup and the Goodyear process.Choose shoes made to last, choose Heritage.